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When it comes to money, many people make decisions that just don’t make “Cent$”. This is especially true for investments. When the stock market rises, investors become greedy, seeking more profits in their pockets so they buy high. When the stock market falls, investors get scared and sell investments at a loss. 

There is one golden rule that applies to asset management, “Buy Low and Sell High.” There are two fundamental forces that battle it out everyday: supply and demand. Another name for the same concept is “risk and reward,” or an even more common name fundamental in our human nature is “fear and greed.”

I suspect you are now asking yourself: How can I take emotion out of investment decisions? Our solution? Initiate a systemic approach to follow market trends and act on facts; don’t react to daily market activities. A strong process will monitor the supply and demand characteristics of both stock and bond markets. Based on market analysis and your investment needs, we change from a set of guidelines that are either defensive or offensive in nature. The results of this method allow us to take profits when markets are approaching the top and take advantage of low prices when markets are nearing the bottom. 
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