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Your Financial Gardener

Yes. I want to be your Financial Gardener.

Just think about what a gardener does. Gardeners grow and look after plants in a range of settings. Knowing the complex relationship between plants, soil, and environment is the reason you would hire such an expert.  But knowledge alone is not enough, they must pull the weeds and fertilize the soil.  At times, results are immediate like a newly mulched flower bed. Other times, the bulbs nestled in the dirt today will be a future showcase determined by nature’s awful grace.  Patience is your coach. Sweat is the price. Weather is both friend and foe. But the gardener’s continuous vigilance is rewarded with both beauty and bounty. A true gardener is aware that he is merely a steward of the land, leaving it better for the next generation.

We, at Happel Financial, do everything a gardener does except we look after your investments.  Individual plants thrive by being in the right kind of soil.  Some plants need shade and some need sun.  Meaning, we make the time to understand the complex relationship between your personal situation, investments and the changing financial landscape.  We will recommend and explain possible solutions.  Our main job is to help you maximize the things you do with your money and minimize mistakes.  Our role is to help you make informed decisions about your finances. We don’t want you to do anything that does not feel right and that’s our promise.  

See What Happel Financial does.

growing money


Q: How well is your garden going to grow?

A: Only thyme will tell.





Founders of Happel Financial, LLC


Brad and Rosalie Happel met in a very competitive sales environment selling insurance and annuities.  High pressure sales had wonderful words and grand ideas but service after the sale was lacking.  The system was unbalanced with cards stacked against the unwary consumer.  “We had each other and two big ideas.”

One: service should eclipse sales - always.

Two: Success follows hard work and strong ethical practices.

So, we quit our jobs.  We committed ourselves to make something better.  We wanted a company that would reflect our values.  That company is Happel Financial – your financial gardener.