Happe Birthday & Merry Christmas Past

Happel Financial has created custom Christmas and Birthday cards over the years.  We thought you might enjoy a look back at some of the cards we have sent to our clients.  These cards show how time has had an effect on the ones we love.   Brad’s mom, Joan, is doing well and living in Winston-Salem.  Alysia is beginning a new life in Asheville as she spread her wings to land there for her next adventure.  It is sad to note the Loki the Manx is last remaining of all our other cats and dogs featured on these cards from Christmas past.  (By the way, Lokithemanx has his own Facebook page.  We miss them very much but remembering all the fun we had trying to get then to pose for the camera still makes us smile.

You can see that we have gotten older and might even conclude that we don’t take ourselves very seriously. You would be right because we believe that having fun and being happy is what makes life interesting.  But, make no mistake, we are serious about your money and your financial goals.

We’ve enjoyed looking at these cards of Birthdays and Christmas form the past. What was your favorite card?