Our Team

Our Team

Happel Financial, LLC, provides asset management and financial planning services. Happel Financial believes in the old-fashioned value of honest and sincere financial advice. We strive to protect our clients by continuing to ascertain market risk, determine offensive sectors, study investment fundamentals, and orchestrate trades using technical analysis.

Brad Happel

Investment Advisor

Brad holds two BS Degrees. One in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and one in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Western Carolina University. Brad worked as an electrical control engineer for more than 10 years building and maintaining manufacturing facilities, developing both his management and engineering skills.

While working as a professional engineer, Brad created a thriving wholesale/retail business. This business evolved from a small store-front selling consignment folk art, to a coffee bar, to a “paint your own pottery” shop. The effort was so great and profitable, that he left his engineering job. Before it was over, the business was on the road, traveling from New York to Atlanta, selling their own hand made ceramic jewelry. Brad often describes this business as a hobby that got out of control. 

After selling that business, Brad turned his attention to understanding modern investment practices and the many portfolio theories. Creating a good financial plan is part art and part science. The science involves putting a group of investments together to determining the proper return of investment, minimal standard deviation, positive Alpha, and blah, blah, blah.  The Art part is more about how each person feels about the risk of the market, their individual social/environmental/political values, even assessing wants vs. needs.  Brad is both competent and compassionate.

Now, Happel Financial is bigger than just Brad and Rosalie.  We are part of a growing community of hard-working people whose lives have become a part of our lives.  The Happel Financial community lives in a small town, works with mostly a few local tobacco or other manufacturing companies.  You might be surprised how comfortable you will feel when you sit down with us.

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Rosalie Happel

Director of Business Intelligence

Rosalie earned a BS in statistics from North Carolina State University. She has a wonderful business mind and lives by the concept of multiple steams of income and mitigation of risk.

Rosalie worked 12 years for Duke University Medical Center. Beginning as an Accounting Clerk to be promoted based upon automation of processes and procedures to eventually become a Data analyst/programmer. Rosalie interacted with end users, as well as Physicians, Nurses, Statisticians, and various Researchers. Rosalie worked on the clinical trials side as a programmer as well as the Data Analyst side to analyze results of data that had been collected. Working in the male dominated field of computer programming in the early years was no small achievement.

Rosalie then re-invented herself from a computer nerd to a Financial Advisor in a very competitive sales environment.  She excelled in establishing common ground with her clients which led to her becoming a mentor for other Advisors to teach them ethics along with the sales of investments and insurance products.  Rosalie has a quick laugh and a gift of putting strangers at ease.  If you ever are backed in a corner and need someone to fight for you, Rosalie will fight like a lion for the defense of her cub. Today, Rosalie is the heart and protector of the business, fearless in calling it as it is, and is Brad’s sounding board and true north. 

All of this is a glimpse into what Rosalie has done, but to understand her character and motivation, factor this into your evaluation:  Raising her daughter as a single mom and losing both her parents when her daughter was just two years-old has made Rosalie tough, independent, smart and fierce. Given her journey, Rosalie believes that life is too short and too precious not to have fun. “We can choose joy and happiness by taking charge and working through the problems that life throws our way. We can put plans into place to make our life less stressful or we can choose to live a life of dread where we do not realize our potential because we have failed to plan with the means that we have been given.”

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