What We Do

We are the ones you contact when…

You are convinced that your idea is crazy.

You need to get organized and stay organized. 

You don’t have the time and are not sure how to begin. 

You want someone to hold you accountable for your financial dreams.

You’re tired of all those financial papers coming in the mail.  What’s important?  What’s goes in the trash?

You become parents, and suddenly you’re in charge of another human being’s future.

You need to make a budget, and stick to it this time.

You wonder if you should pay off the house now, or is the tax break the better long-term choice?

You have an unexpected expense and need money now.

You’re ready to save for your kid’s education; how much is enough? Where to begin?

You’re worried about the stock market. 

You want to say with confidence, “I am ready to retire”

I want to know that I will be able afford future healthcare costs. 

My child has special needs and want to know how to I protect their government benefits?  What happen to them after I am gone?

I own a small business but I am so busy running the business that I don’t think about my retirement.  What plans do I have when my business closes its doors for good?

Uncle Sam is not my favorite uncle, how do I keep his hands off my money? 

I think I have more than I need for my lifetime, how do I build a legacy for my family?

Someone you hold dear passes away.

How do I make it easier for my loved ones to settle my estate?

When you call our office, there is no option menu.  No Dial 1 for this or Dial 2 for that.  You will either get some “body” to talk to or leave a massage and you will get a return call just a soon as we can.  Normally, you will get a return call just as soon as we get off the phone or come into office the next day.  Just keep in mind, it we are in a meeting with someone like you.  You will have our full attention, we will return calls when that meeting is over.  That’s how we roll.  We treat everyone like you would want to be treated.  

We are the ones