Who is Brad Happel?

I am…

A folk artist, who makes something useful out of forgotten things.

A guitar player, but the cat leaves the room when I start to sing.

A good teacher, but better student.

A quick-witted man with knock-knock joke finesse. 

A nerd, who loves the elegance of Math and Statistics.

A cook who enjoys healthy simple meals.

An Electrical Engineer whose greatest skill was explaining complex ideas in simple words.

A gardener who learns by “trowel” & error, digging in the dirt, patience, but mostly curiosity.

A business owner who always thinks about efficiencies, overhead and bottom lines.

An Investment advisor who knows and cares about the struggles of everyday working people.


I have all these characteristics, but not in any specific order.  Life does not give you order.  Whatever is in front of me has my undivided attention.  If you’re laughing I am too.  If you’re crying I am too.  No part of your financial journey will be experienced alone without my compassion.  I listen first and by listening I hope to bring creative solutions and reasonable strategies to help you think outside of the box.  You have worked hard for your money, is it not time for your money to work hard for you?

Brad Happel 006